Homesitter Enquiry Form

Placements can be for a few days or a few months. Homesitters must stay in the client’s home every night and keep the areas of the house that they use clean and tidy.  Apart from the pet care there may also be some watering and  lawn care required.

Homesitters must have their own transportation, be singles or couples, and would preferably be flexible as to which area they are placed in. All sitters must be at least 30 years of age.  Town & Country Homesit is not able to place sitters with children or pets.

If the sitter is happy to homesit in more rural settings or with livestock, they would care for them as instructed, maintaining their normal routines. Farmsitters are reimbursed for extra duties such as feeding and maintenance as arranged with the property owners prior to the sit commencing.

After the initial interview, Town & Country Homesit will require character references and a Department of Courts check.

Before a placement is confirmed, the sitter will have the chance to meet with the owners at their home to discuss responsibilities and ensure compatibility. It is essential that the sitter and the homeowner have a clear understanding of what the assignment involves, so before departing, the owner will complete a detailed checklist. Town & Country Homesit will keep in touch with the homesitter at each stage of the booking, including during the assignment to ensure the sitter is comfortable and things are going well.

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    (Please note Town & Country Homesit only accepts singles or couples, no pets. There is no cost to the sitter and there is no payment unless agreed prior to the homesit.)